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Digital x-ray has become standard fare in most veterinary practices. Even most of us gray hairs that have held out using old-fashioned flat, chemically processed films (with excellent results) are submitting to the inevitable advances in technology. Obvious advantages are the ability to transmit images digitally almost immediately, advances in preplanning surgical procedures, and consistent image quality.

Ultrasound - In the medical community’s quest to find a diagnosis without making an incision, ultrasound has found its place. Image quality has improved drastically in recent years, providing guidance for organ biopsy and reproduction. However, most surgeons do not rely on ultrasound for surgical decisions.

CT Scan

CT Scan - Computed Tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging, is the standard care for neurologic imaging and surgical planning. Prior to this advanced technology, surgeons used mylegrams or dye injections around the spinal cord, which have serious risks associated.


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